She is 240 years old. Equestrain professsor at the House of Night school in Tulsa. 

Human name was Lenobia Whitehall. 

Her family members are:

Elizabeth Whitehall (dead)

Baron of Boullion (dead)

Cecile Marson de La Tour d'Auvergne (dead)

She is taken by Travis Foster, a human she falls in love with. Travis is Martin reincarnated. Martin was a man who took care of horse on a ship. He helped Lenobia get away from a man. They were in love, but Lenobia had to go to school and learn. Martin vowed to find her again some day. 

Lenobia has a long scar running from the back of her neck down her back. It was a wound from her first fight with Darkness. 

She has the affinity to be able to feed horses emotions. 

She first appeared in the first book, Marked .

Her last appearance was in the eleventh book, Revealed .

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