She is 240 years old. Equestrain professsor at the House of Night school in Tulsa. 

Human name was Lenobia Whitehall. 

Her family members are:

Elizabeth Whitehall (dead)

Baron of Boullion (dead)

Cecile Marson de La Tour d'Auvergne (dead)

She is taken by Travis Foster, a human she falls in love with. Travis is Martin reincarnated. Martin was a man who took care of horse on a ship. He helped Lenobia get away from a man. They were in love, but Lenobia had to go to school and learn. Martin vowed to find her again some day. 

Lenobia has a long scar running from the back of her neck down her back. It was a wound from her first fight with Darkness. 

She has the affinity to be able to feed horses emotions. 

She first appeared in the first book, Marked.

Her last appearance was in the eleventh book, Revealed.